Framland Hundred

Lodge 9453 - Consecrated 1992
Framland Hundred

Officers 2016/17

Bro. Gary Sheffield Senior Warden
Bro. Justin Stockdale Junior Warden
W.Bro John Southerington, PPJGW Chaplain
W.Bro. Keith R. Harkness, PAGDC Treasurer
W.Bro. Paul M. Rees Secretary
W.Bro. Alan Marshall Director of Ceremonies
W.Bro. Keith R. Harkness, PAGDC Charity Steward
W.Bro. Alan Marshall Mentor
Bro. Martin Smith Senior Deacon
Bro. Steve Newham Junior Deacon
W.Bro. David C. Pratt, PPGSwdB Asst. Dir. of Ceremonies
W.Bro. Phillip J. Mann, PPGSwdB Asst. Secretary
W.Bro. David A. Simpkin Organist
Bro. Neil A. Castledine Inner Guard
Bro. Neil A. Castledine Steward
Bro. Robert C. Shuttleworth Steward
Bro. Dean P. Warner Steward
Bro. Matthew Hainsworth Steward
Bro. Raymond MacPhee Steward
Bro. Richard Piscula Steward
Bro. Richard K. Senior Steward
W.Bro. Paul Raymond, PPSGW Tyler
W.Bro John Southerington, PPJGW I.P.M

Past Masters

1992 Bro. S. Hedley Kendall
1992 Bro. John Southerington
1993 Bro. Keith R. Harkness
1994 Bro. Sam. C. Willder
1995 Bro. Colin J. Padmore §
1996/7 Bro. Ronald W. Pollard *
1998 Bro. David. C. Wall
1999 Bro. John. H. Porter *
2000 Bro. Kenneth. C. Kilbourn *
2001 Bro. Alan. W. Barnard §
2002 Bro. Phillip J. Mann
2003 Bro. David H. Sansam *
2004 Bro. J. Edward C. Morris
2005 Bro. David C. Pratt
2006 Bro. Adrian J. Padmore
2007 Bro. John F. Weston §
2008/9 Bro. Graham Moores
2010 Bro. Richard. G. Heathcote
2011/12 Bro. Alan Marshall
2013/14 Bro. John Southerington

Founder Members

Bro. S. Hedley Kendall (PM)
Bro. John Southerington (PM)
Bro. Keith R. Harkness (PM)
Bro. Raymond G. Sealy *
Bro. Paul Raymond (PM)
Bro. Winston Osborne (PM) *
Bro. Colin J. Padmore (PM) §
Bro. J. Murray Blair (PM) *
Bro. Roland V. Johnson (PM) *
Bro. Alan Selby (PM) *
Bro. George Hows (PM) *
Bro. Ashley W. S. Hanmer §
Bro. Leslie A. Foulger (PM) *
Bro. John. H. Porter (PM) *
Bro. Sam. C. Willder
Bro. Lawrence Whalley (PM) *
Bro. Ronald W. Pollard *
Bro. Breville G. C. Hood (PM) *
Bro. Richard M. Clarke (PM) *
Bro. Kenneth. C. Kilbourn (PM) *
Bro. Alan. W. Barnard §
Bro. Martin J. Coleman §
Bro. Adrian J. Padmore
Bro. Nigel H. Campion (PM) §
Bro. Nigel M. Lane (PM) §
Bro. David H. Sansam *
Bro. David. C. Wall
Bro. Phillip J. Mann
Bro. David M. Swain *
Bro. David C. Pratt
Bro. Brian Gromett (PM) §
Bro. John S. Crosby §
Bro. Vernon G. Osborn *
[§ = Resigned] [* = Deceased]


Notes of meetings to discuss The Feasibility of Founding a New Craft Lodge.
NEED - In January 1991 it was the opinion of the present Grand Master (R.W. Bro. D.A. Buswell) that founding new Lodges should be encouraged. The optimum number of members of a Lodge should be 40 and that it should take no more than 10 years to reach the Chair.
   As the membership of Rutland Lodge (No.1130) was approximately 83 and St. Mary’s (No.7162) was 71, there appeared to be a need for a third Lodge in Melton. It was emphasised that any member of a new Lodge should be encouraged to continue membership of their present Lodge.
   The long period needed for new members of St. Mary’s Lodge and particular Rutland Lodge to reach the Chair was a considerable encouragement to create a new Melton Lodge.
SPONSOR - Every new Lodge must be sponsored by an existing Lodge in the Province. In order to mark the 40th anniversary of St. Mary’s Lodge, it would be most appropriate for the members of St. Mary’s to agree to sponsor the new Lodge. W.Bro. Hedley Kendall reminded the meeting that following the request from the Provincial Grand Master, the Past Masters Committee of St. Mary’s Lodge had considered and agreed at a meeting on 6th April 1977 to recommend that St. Mary’s sponsor a new Lodge in Melton.
   In the early 1970’s The Rutland Lodge had also considered the creation of a new Lodge but had rejected the proposal.
NAME - The name of The Framland Hundred Lodge was readily agreed upon. The choice was made as Framland is the only remaining Leicestershire Hundred whose name is not given to a Masonic Lodge in the Province - ( East Goscote No. 2864, Gartree No. 7778, Guthlaxton No. 7717, Sparkenhoe No. 8063 ). A further link with the name is that Wicklow Lodge was previously known as The Framlands.
DATE - After a lengthy discussion and consideration of the meeting dates of other Craft Lodges in the Province and dates of other Degrees meeting at Wicklow Lodge, it was decided the new Lodge should meet four times each year on the third Monday of September, December, February and April at 6.00 p.m.
CONSECRATION - After many more meetings it was finnally agreed that The Framland Lodge 9453 would be Consecrated on  27th May 1992. The ceremony took place at the Provincial Grand Lodge, London Road, Leicester, in the Oliver Temple. There were 35 Founders present of whom 20 were appointed officers of the Lodge.
WICKLOW FREEMASONS LODGE ROOMMEETINGS - The Lodge meets 5 times a year on the Third Monday of February, April, September, November, December (Installation).
MEMBERS - At the end of April 2017 The Lodge will have 35 members.
25th YEAR CELEBRATION - On the 18th April 2017 at it's 107th Regular meeting the Lodge will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a special Festive Board and the presentaion of a small booklet outling the creation of the Lodge from 24th January 1991 to 27th May 1992.


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