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Report by W.Bro. Daviid Wall – The Rutland Lodge
The Rutland Lodge annual Ladies Festival Night took place on Saturday 3rd March 2018 at the Wicklow Masonic Rooms in Melton Mowbray.
   The evening approached with Siberian threat of unpredictable phases and threats. Everything crossable was crossed in the hope that the downfalls of white stuff would not spoil the evening so eagerly looked forward to by 80+ guests.
   However, with a highly successful season drawing to a close, due to the leadership of our Worshipful Master, Andrew Finn and a dedicated team at 6.30pm the full complement of guests, our high class caterer and staff were mingling happily ready for the formal evening to commence.
   From the outset with formally attired hosts, elegantly, colourful guests, the atmosphere was all one could hope for at an event linked to an historic association in existence for 300 years and our vehicle, number 1130 with one hundred and fifty-two years of service.
   Our Lady President, Julie, and Brother Consort, Andrew, brought much warmth to the reception and pre-dining activities.
   Dining proceeded happily with toasting as appropriate.
   Brother Peter Finn gave an entertaining toast to the Lady President, who responded in a very relaxed, delightful manner.
   The Ladies Song was performed unaccompanied and so clearly by W Bro. Brian Golland and supported by brethren went well. The Lady President “absolutely loved this” and this went for all.
   W.Bro. Steve Archer toasted the Visitors and Ladies sincerely and warmly.
   During coffee, the Stewards dispensed gifts to all the ladies, these were perfume atomisers which were well received by the ladies.
   The evening concluded with a local Irish Band ‘Ruff and Ready’ entertaining with singing, rhythmic hand clapping and arm movement. All with much enthusiasm and participation.
   A raffle for the Lady President's choice of charity, The Alzheimer's Society, raised the wonderful amount of £320.
   During the short interim between the end of  the formal proceedings and the entertainment W Bro Brian Golland escorted a number of visitors on a visit the Temple.
  Heartfelt thanks to all who worked so hard to give all the guests a wonderful evening.

“We all recognise your worth,
Our best friends upon this earth.” 

“Four things greater than all things are
Women and Horses and Power and War”
Ballad of the King’s Jester.


To All Brethren in the Province from the Leicestershire & Rutland Provincial Secretary - 15th March 2018
A number of Brethren have queried the continued wearing of the Tercentenary Jewel, and I thought that some guidance was required now that the Tercentenary celebrations have finished.
   In June 2016 the Grand Master designated the Tercentenary Jewel as a Permanent Jewel and it may therefore be worn by qualified Brethren of the English Constitution FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.
   The Jewel may be worn only by Master Masons and above, but any Brother who was at any time a member of a Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England in the period from 24th June 2016 until 31st December 2017 is so qualified. Entered Apprentices and / or Fellow-Crafts during the qualifying period are entitled to wear the Jewel as soon as they have been Raised.  
   The Pro Grand Master hopes that Grand Officers will continue to wear it.
   If applicable, a Royal Arch Jewel is worn on the left breast nearest the centre of the body. The Tercentenary Jewel is worn next to the left of the Royal Arch Jewel, but if a Royal Arch Jewel is not worn then the Tercentenary Jewel will be on the left breast nearest to the centre of the body. A L& R 2022 Festival Jewel can be worn to the left of the Tercentenary Jewel, and if applicable a Past Master’s Jewel is worn next to the left of the Festival Jewel ( nearest to the left arm).
   Brethren are also reminded that it is not now permissible to wear a L&R Festival Jewel of a previous Festival, i.e. 2012 or 2002 Festivals. In similar vein the Provincial Grand Master hopes that only the L & R 2022 Festival Tie is worn, and not previous Festival versions.
   The Provincial Grand Scribe E wishes for Brethren to be advised that the wearing of Craft Past Master’s Jewels is not permissible at Royal Arch meetings.
Kelvin F.J. Johnson - Provincial Grand Secretary.


Raising Bro. Raymond MacPhee: Monday 19th February 2018
The meeting of The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453 held on Monday the 19th February at Wicklow Lodge in Melton Mowbray saw Bro. Raymond MacPhee raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason having being initiated on the 21st March 2016.
   Sadly, later in the same evening the Lodge was informed of the resignation of Bro. Douglas Peet, who, at 93 years young, had decided that with regret he was too frail to continue attending the Lodge on a regular basis. Bro. Peet is a remarkable man that we will miss at our meetings; a former navigator on Lancaster bombers he had his first book, Legal Brief, published in 2016. W. Bro. Wall spoke a few words about Bro. Peet that all of the Brethren much appreciated.
   The good news was that Bro. Peet has said that he is hoping to continue to come to the Mid-Week lunches with his wife so will not be completely lost to the Lodge. This news highlights the value of the numerous social events held in Melton Mowbray to which all Masons and their families are welcome. Find out more on our website:
   After the Lodge was closed in peace and harmony the Brethren enjoyed an excellent Festive Board and a presentation from W.Bro Tony Molyneaux, Provincial Almoner, explaining how and where funds from the MBF money were distributed within our Province providing an excellent conclusion to a most enjoyable evening for all concerned.


The Freemasons are suffering from discrimination with their members "undeservedly stigmatised" in the media, their chief executive has claimed.
  Members will hold "Q&A events" with the public in the next six months to prove it is not a secret society.
  David Staples, chief executive of the United Grand Lodge of England, responded after a report that two lodges for MPs and political journalists were operating in Westminster, and a third for journalists in London. "The United Grand Lodge of England believes that the ongoing gross misrepresentation of £200,000-plus members is discrimination, he told The Times, "Our members should not be stigmatised. No other organisation would stand for this and nor shall we.”
  It is not clear what the Grand Lodge believes was misrepresentation in the Guardian story but Dr Staples said members of the two Westminster lodges would reveal their identity if they did not fear prejudice and discrimination.
  Gallery Lodge, made up of political journalists, has 45 members, while New Welcome Lodge has between 30 and 40 MPs. Alfred Robbins Lodge, for journalists in London, has 18. Last year the out going chairman of the Police Federation, Steve White said progress for women and ethnic groups in the police was being thwarted, mainly by Freemasons. Dr Staples denied the allegations.

Left to right – Bro Michael Brooman (JW), W.Bro John Blackwell (SW), Bro Andrew Ward (JD), Bro Mark Yeoman (Framland), W.Bro Geoffrey Benford (WM), Bro Robert Davies (Framland), Bro Richard Heerbeck (SD), W.Bro Alan Marshall -ProvGStwd (WM Framland

Monday the 22nd January saw a special meeting of St Marys Lodge No. 7164 at Wicklow Lodge in Melton Mowbray to Pass Bro. Robert Davies and Bro. Mark Yeoman to the Degree of Fellowcraft. Both Brethren were from their Daughter Lodge, The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453, which has been bucking the trend of declining Masonic numbers in recent years. This has already meant an increase in the number of meetings from 4 per year to 5 to manage the upturn and St Marys Lodge No. 7164 were kind enough to help to ease the pressure further by conducting this double Passing.
  The meeting itself was attended by over 40 Brethren representing a cross section of all the Lodges meeting at Melton Mowbray highlighting the harmony which exists between Mother, Daughter and Grand-daughter Lodges.
  The meeting was opened by the Worshipful Master of St Mary’s Lodge No. 7164, W. Bro Geoff Benford, who then placed his Lodge Secretary, W.Bro Martin Fairbairn, into the Chair to conduct the ceremony which was beautifully presented by the Brethren of St Mary’s Lodge No. 7164. However, not wishing to make the Brethren of St Mary’s do all of the work, the Working Tools and Tracing Board were ably delivered by The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453 Inner Guard, Bro. Richard Piskula, and DC, W.Bro David Pratt, respectively. Both candidates were then warmly congratulated by W.Bro Alan Marshall ProvGStwd, the current Master of The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453, followed by the acting Master.
  W.Bro Geoff Benford then resumed the Chair to continue the evening's work and close the Lodge where at the Second Rising W.Bro Tony Molyneaux, Provincial Almoner, gave an interesting presentation to the Brethren explaining how and where funds from the MBF money were distributed.
  Having closed the Lodge in Peace and Harmony, the subsequent Festive Board, courtesy of Bro. Vince Howard and his Stewards, provided an excellent way to conclude a most enjoyable evening for all concerned. Over 10 members of The Framland Hundred Lodge were present at the Festive Board.
  Over 10 members of The Framland Hundred Lodge were present at the meeting and together with our candidates would like to warmly thank the Brethren of St Mary’s Lodge No. 7164 for their hospitality and trust that these meetings help provide the mortar which will maintain the strongest bonds between ourselves - and ensure the future success of Freemasonry in Melton Mowbray.

The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453, now entering its 26th year, recently installed W.Bro Alan Marshall, ProvGStwd as their 22nd Master in a very enjoyable ceremony held at Wicklow Lodge on the 15th January 2018 attended by W.Bro Pravesh Ganda, Assistant Provincial Director of Ceremonies and W.Bro Bruce White, Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden.
The meeting went ahead thanks to a special dispensation granted by the PGM RW.Bro. David Hagger following the unfortunate resignation of the Master Elect in December 2017. Fortunately W. Bro. Alan - already a Past Master of the Lodge - agreed to be put forwards as Master Elect at the December meeting where he was unanimously elected by the Brethren of the Lodge to become Master for the coming year.
Despite the short notice W.Bro. Phillip Mann, PPGSwdB, acting as the Installing Master, performed the ceremony of Installation in a very friendly manner making everyone, including all of our guests feel most welcome. 
This theme of harmony was continued when the new Master proceeded to install his Officers for the coming year in a very courteous manner.
Here we can see W. Bro. Alan with (left to right) with W.Bro. Phillip Mann PPGSwdB, W.Bro Pravesh Ganda - PADC, W.Bro Bruce White - PPSGW, Bro. Martin Smith (Senior Warden, Bro. Steve Newham (Junior Warden), W. Bro. David Pratt - PPGSwdB, W. Bro. Andrew Gill and Bro. Richard Piskula (Inner Guard) after the ceremony.
The Stewards under Bro. Neil Castledine once again provided a splendid Festive Board for the Brethren where W.Bro Bruce White, PPSGW, gave an excellent update on events at London Road and W.Bro Phillip Potter provided a memorable version of the Masters Song with which everyone joined in with verve for the chorus!
This concluded a very enjoyable evening and we trust will mark the start of a wonderful year under the leadership of W. Bro. Alan.'

From Martin Oliver of St Mary’s Lodge (2022 Festival Committee) - The Quiz and Supper Night in Support of the Leicestershire & Rutland 2022 Festival took place on Saturday 18th November at the Melton Masonic Centre (Wicklow Lodge) - A Quiz and Supper Night was organised by W.Bro Martin Oliver and his family to raise funds for the three Craft Lodges at the Wicklow Masonic Centre in Melton Mowbray to support the 2022 Festival. - The event attracted some 50 guests and raised nearly £800. The quiz included questions on Masonry, local knowledge and a food and drink. - Supper was served by the guests ‘table stewards’ wearing Masonically badged blue kitchen aprons. - The winning ‘quizers’; W.Bro Phil Mann and his team were presented with a seasonally well-stocked Christmas hamper. - The evening finished quite late with a Prize Draw. - The ‘pub’ format proved very sociable and enjoyable for all those who attended.

On Monday 20th November Framland Hundred performed its first Raising since November 2015 due to the fact that Worshipful Master decided that Initiations were more important but now we currently have a backlog of 3 raising and two more to follow early next year.
- The brethren of The Lodge were delighted to raise Bro. Dean Warner to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. The ceremony, held at Wicklow Lodge in Melton Mowbray, was well attended by both members and visitors to the Lodge.
- The Master for the evening was W.Bro Keith Harkness PAGDC who conducted the ceremony in an exemplary manner ably assisted by other Brethren.
Brethren taking part in the ceremony (with aprons)
The Framland Hundred Lodge – 9453 at the Wicklow Masonic Rooms in Melton Mowbray held an Emergency Meeting for a Passing Ceremony on Monday 16th October.
- It was very much a family meeting as Bro Daniel Newham was passed to the degree of a Fellowcraft by Acting Master W.Bro Keith Harkness. Bro Steve Newham, the Lodge’s Junior Deacon, was in attendance and presented the Working Tools to his son.
- It had been hoped that Bro Steve’s Son-in-Law, Bro Richard Senior, might have been Passed at the same ceremony but he was not expected to attend the meeting but was able to at the last minute.
- As Bro Richard was an Entered Apprentice he could not see Bro Daniel being Passed but did enjoy the festive board together with the Finn family from The Rutland Lodge, W. Bro Tom Finn, W.Bro Andrew Finn and Bro. Peter Finn.
- A week later Bro Richard Senior was Passed by St Mary’s Lodge to help out The Framland Hundred Lodge who currently have potentially over 20 ceremonies to carry out in the coming months. On this occasion Bro Steve Newham and son Bro Daniel Newham were able to be present. Bro Steve presented the Working Tools to Bro Richard and W.Bro David Pratt, Framland Hundred Lodge, explained the Second Degree Tracing Board.
- The Lodge meeting and Festive Board was well received by all the brethren of St. Mary's Lodge and Framland Lodge visitors.
ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE AT LEICESTER CATHEDRAL The annual Christmas Carol Service at Leicester Cathedral will be held on Sunday 10th December. In 2016 the service was attended by in excess of 240 masonic brethren of the Leicestershire and Rutland Province and their family and friends. In 2017 it is hoped that many more will attend what has become to be an extremely popular church service.
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