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The 150 Club Lunch, organised by Keith Hallam was held on Sunday, February 4th. It was attended by 76 eager diners, 14 of whom were specially invited widows, a further 3 were, sadly, unable to attend due to ill health.
   By 1pm all were gathered in the bar area, many thanks to Mike and his wife for manning the bar until the gong sounded and we all duely trooped into the dining room. The Lunch, as always, was excellent, thanks to the efforts of Sarah Groome and her team in the Kitchen.
   A raffle was held, the monies raised going towards the complete refurbishment of the kitchen during the summer -- applause greeted this announcement, and not just from the kitchen staff!
   Keith thanked everyone for their support and said he hoped that everyone had enjoyed themselves, especially the widows, who, he hoped, on behalf of everyone, would attend the Lunch in 2019. One of the ladies gave a vote of thanks saying how nice it was to be remembered, not only at Christmas, but by the anual invitation to lunch. Conversation flowed with the coffee until a reminder went out that the 6 Nations Rugby coverage would be starting shortly!
   Very many thanks to Keith Hallam for organising such an enjoyable event we all look forward to next year.

See Photo Montage Here - WIDOWS SUNDAY LUNCH-FEB18

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