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Lodge 9453 - Consecrated 1992
Framland Hundred

The Lodge Officers for 2017/18 are as on the Lodge Officers and Members Page and were appointed and invested at the Installation Meeting on Monday 15th January 2018.

WICKLOW LODGEThe Lodge meets 5 times a year on the Third Monday of February, April, September, November, December (Installation).
FEBRUARY   -  Monday - 18th February - Initiation
APRIL         -   Monday - 15th April - Initiation
SEPTEMBER -  Monday - 16 September - Raising
OCTOBER    -  Monday - 14th October (Special Dispensation meeting TBA)
NOVEMBER  -  Monday - 18 November- Passing
DECEMBER  -  Monday - 16 December - Installation of Worshipful Master for 2019/20

Summons for the next meeting - FEBRUARY 2019 SUMMONS

At the time of the 25th Anniversary Meeting the Lodge had 35 members and by the end of 2017 this had increased to 37 members, two more than when it was founded in 1992. As at the 17th December 2018 The Lodge had 34 members. Earlier in 2018 two of our members had ascended to the Grand Lodge above. As at the Installation meeting on Monday 17th December the membership stood at 34 with two Candidates awaiting to be Initiated in 2019.

Welcome to everyone visiting the website of The Framland Hundred Lodge No.9453, irrespective of if you are already a Mason, are thinking about joining or are simply curious.
• In December 2018 we were pleased to install our 27th Master, Bro. Martin Smith, along with the Officers of the Lodge for the coming year. Many of these Brethren are just starting out on their Masonic careers which will, hopefully, see them become the Master of our Lodge in due course – they represent our future.
• Once again, we have a busy year ahead which we look forward to – along with the challenges that this will inevitably bring. However as we all work together to create a harmonious Lodge these will all be surmountable and create a sense of achievement for everyone in the Lodge.
• It is often said that Freemasonry is not a secret society - indeed having our own website would make secrecy difficult - but rather a society with secrets. These so called secrets are our ceremonies which form the basis of our meetings and provide us with a series of allegories which illustrate the very highest standards of honour, fidelity and honesty in human behavior.
• It is for this reason that we are keen to encourage our younger members to take part as it’s a great way to build self confidence and fully understand the message of these allegories.
• We are also keen that our members are open and willing to talk to their friends about their involvement so that the World may see the happy and beneficial effects of our ancient institution.
• Talking about ancient, you may have heard that we are currently celebrating the Tercentenary of the formation of the United Grand Lodge of England? During our long history many of the great men of our country have been proud to be called Freemasons and we are proud to be counted amongst their number. If you would like to find out more please feel free to get in touch via our website - CONTACT US

The Master's welcome letter to the 2019 season

Following on from my installation as a Master of the Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453 I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy New Year - I hope that it will be one that we all enjoy.

For myself I am wanting to focus on three themes for my year as Master of the Lodge, these are as follows:

1.  I am very keen that we gain more involvement from our younger Brethren; Freemasonry like so many things in our lives gives back as much as you put into it. I am therefore proposing to hold a meeting early in the New Year where we can look at how we can all get more involved. I will look to start at around 1900 to give every Brother the chance to attend. This is very much in line with the Membership Pathway scheme launched last year by Grand Lodge and I urge all of you to participate in this meeting.

2.  I am hoping that we can have a varied mix of Ceremonies through the coming year, our current planning for 2019 is as follows although this may alter depending upon circumstances: Download the Master's 2019 Welcome Letter - MASTER'S WELCOME LETTER

During 2018 we received the attached communication from the Leicestershire & Rutland 2022 Festival Committee regarding the availability of the 2022 Festival Jewels, Ties, Bow Ties and Pocket Squares.

  The Framland Hundred Lodge - 9453 Treasurer, W.Bro Keith Harkness, will be holding a small stock of these items. His contact details can be found the Lodge Summons. Download the letter here - 2022 FESTIVAL JEWELS

DATA PROTECTION NOTICE - The Framland Data Protection Notice for The Framland Hundred Lodge - 9453 can be found by clicking here - Data Protection Notice


The long awaited renovation of the kitchen at the Wicklow Masonic Centre in Melton Mowbray was started on Tuesday 22nd May. The last Lodge meeting, St Marys Lodge, was held on Monday 21st May. On the morning of 22nd May all the kitchen equipment was moved into the dining room and the bar. The Kitchen was reopened in time for The Framland Lodge Meeting on Monday September 16th 2018. 

To see the photographs of the progress of the renovation click here - Gallery


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