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Lodge 9453 - Consecrated 1992
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Bro David Pratt (DC), Bro Richard Heathcote (SD), Bro Martin Smith (SW), Bro Daniel Newham, W.Bro Alan Marshall, ProvGStwd  (Master), Bro Stephen Newman (JW), Bro Richard Piskula (IG), W.Bro Andrew Gill (ADC)

RAISING  BRO. DANIEL NEWHAM - Monday 15th October 2018

On Monday 15thOctober 2018 The Framland Hundered Lodge No. 9453 held a special meeting to Raise the son of our Junior Warden, Bro. Steve Newham, to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason.
  The meeting was made possible thanks to a Special Dispensation granted from the Provincial Grand Master R. W. Bro. David Hagger to help reduce the time it was taking for Brethren to reach the Degree of a Master Mason which had been growing in recent years.
  Bro. Daniel Newham had previously been Initiated into our Lodge on the 20th March 2017 and Passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft in October of that year. It is ironic that both of these Ceremonies were also by Special Dispensation so Bro. Newham must be one of the few Freemasons to be both a Lewis and to have completed all three Craft Degrees by Special Dispensation.
  The Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Alan Marshall ProvGStwd, was ably assisted in the Ceremony by his Officers where W. Bro. Keith Harkness delivered the Exhortation and the Fifteen Fellowcrafts after which W. Bro. Paul Raymond recited the Ecclesiastes with the Charge delivered by Bro. Richard Piskula.
  Bro. Steve Newham was delighted to communicate the Signs and Secrets to his son before Bro. Newham retired from the Lodge to restore himself to his personal comforts.
  On returning to the Lodge Bro. Newman was invested with the distinguishing badge of a Master Mason by the Senior Warden after which the Address on the Apron and Traditional History were both given by W. Bro. Andrew Gill. Finally, the Working Tools of the degree were then presented and explained by Bro. Neil Castledine.  
  Since this was a Special Meeting the Lodge was then closed with no futher business other than the enjoyment of an excellent Festive Board thanks to our Stewards providing an excellent conclusion to a most enjoyable evening for all concerned.
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The summer months are now behind us marking the start of a new Masonic season here in Melton Mowbray. However, as you can see from our GALLERY, people have been very busy installing a new kitchen at Wicklow Lodge and The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453 became the first to benefit from all of this hard work at our  113th meeting which was held on Monday September 17th 2018. 
   Despite the unlucky auspices of number 113, something which initially seemed to be confirmed by the absence of a number of Officers for the meeting, the ceremony went well and saw Bro. Mark Yeoman Raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason by W. Bro. Alan Marshall ProvGStwd.
   By necessity the evening saw a number of Brethren filling in for absent members and it was wonderful to see how well some of the more junior Brethren filled their posts for the ceremony. Particular mention must go to Bro. Richard Piskula, who not only delivered the Charge but also acted as Junior Deacon and to Bro. Ray MacPhee who ably filled in as Assistant Director of Ceremonies for the evening despite short notice. It is very encouraging to see the enthusiasm of our younger Brethren to take on work within the Lodge which should secure a strong future for our Lodge.
   The harmony of the evening continued out of the Temple at the Festive Board which saw the new Kitchen at the Centre used for the first time. The quality of the food suggests that it has been a good investment and was largely made possible thanks to a generous bequest from a former Member of our Mother Lodge - The Rutland Lodge No.1130. After the meal W. Bro. Alan Marshall ProvGStwd, Master of The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453 was pleased to present our fantastic catering team with flowers and thanks for all of their hard work in preparing an excellent meal in the new kitchen.
Bro Andrew Gill - Assistant Director of Ceremonies
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The entire Patel Family (plus a few friends) hosted a most enjoyable, and superbly organised Curry Lunch in the beautiful garden at their home in Oadby. The three marquees gave some welcome shade from the sun, and the bar kept up a steady flow of a variety of ice cold drinks.
We had been asked to provide a prize for the raffle, by the time the last guest had sat down the tale was crowded and we were mentally estimating a good two hours just to get through the raffle!!
  The curry lunch was superb three very loud cheers for the chefs, and the very efficient grandchildren who delivered the starters to the tables in record time, pausing only to ask if a vegetarian option was preferred before dashing off across the lawn to collect the next batch from the kitchen.
  Lunch complete, the speeches and votes of thanks given, Ghanshyam called the PGM (V.Worshipful David, Victor Hagger) to the microphone, and, the youngest grandchild presented a cheque for £2,500 to him towards the 2022 Festival Fund, to great applause.
  The Raffle was then dealt with with brilliant efficiency! The winning number called, hand shot up and a member of the team grabbed a prize from the table and delivered it As the next winning number was being called, fantastic!
  A huge thanks to everyone concerned with the organisation of the event which each and every one of the 130 attendees enjoyed immensely.
- A very special thanks to Ghanshyam and Indira for holding the event in their lovely garden during a sunny afternoon, no rain! 
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Initiation of Bro. Christopher Davies: Monday 16th April 2018
At the April meeting of The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453, just before the summer recess, Bro. Christopher Davies was initiated into the mysteries and privileges of ancient Freemasonry.
  The ceremony was performed by the Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Alan Marshall ProvGStwd who was ably assisted by the Officers and Brethren of the Lodge, some of whom were delivering their first ever floor work, to create a happy and harmonious environment for our newest member to remember for many years to come.
  Judging by the quality of the work by some of our newest members The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 4953 will be looking forward to some great work and we encourage Brethren from other Lodges to come and enjoy an evening at one of our Ceremonies.
  After the Initiation W. Bro. Keith Harkness PAGDC presented Grand Lodge Certificates to two of our recently raised Brethren, Bro. Dean Warner and Bro. Raymond McPhee, Bro. McPhee having stood in as Senior Deacon for the evening.
  Once the Lodge was closed an excellent Festive Board from the Stewards provided a fine way for the members of the Lodge to go into the summer recess.
  Since the meeting closed Bro. Davies has been in touch to say thank you for all those present and helped with his Initiation into Freemasonry – we are sure that he will be an asset to both the Lodge and to Freemasonry in general and wish him well in his Masonic career.
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Monday the 21st May saw a sell-out attendance of almost 70 Brethren from around the Province of Leicestershire and Rutland at the Wicklow Lodge in Melton Mowbray for the final meeting before the summer recess – and the start of work which will improve the catering facilities at the centre. The meeting itself was for the Installation of Brother Michael Brooman as the 67th Master of St Mary’s Lodge No 7164 and was to provide a great way to start the summer recess.
  The ceremony was honoured by the presence of the Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden, W. Bro. Bruce White PAGDC, accompanied by the Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, W. Bro. Pravesh Ganda, reprising the success of their visit to the Installation of the Master at St Mary’s daughter Lodge earlier this year. Ironically during that visit he said that he rarely got the chance to visit Lodges in Melton Mowbray so they must have enjoyed their last visit!
  As a member of the Light Blues Rugby Football Club Bro. Brooman was supported by a strong contingent of fellow members all keen to see one of their number be Installed as Master of their Lodge.
  The evening’s ceremony was conducted in an exemplary manner by the Director of Ceremonies team of W. Bro. Paul Wright PSD and his ADC W. Bro. Martin Oliver who ensured that all of the work in the Temple went smoothly.
  This provided W. Bro. Brooman with a fantastic Installation into the Chair of his Lodge after which he proceeded to appoint and invest his Officers for the coming year before presenting a Past Masters Jewel to W. Bro. Geoff Benford and thanking him for his work during his Mastership.
  He also thanked W. Bro. Mike Rawson who this year stepped down as Lodge Almoner for his work both for the Brethren of St Mary’s Lodge but also as Assistant Almoner for the Province. We all wish W. Bro. Keith Hallam PPSGW who has taken over the role all the very best of luck for the future.
  At the subsequent Festive Board all of the Brethren enjoyed an excellent meal thanks to the Stewards of the Lodge with the Senior Steward, Bro. Vince Howard, being awarded the title of Favourite Lodge Steward by Barbara on behalf of all the catering team at Wicklow Lodge. 
  With the evenings labours being ended all of those present went off to enjoy the summer break – many with new roles and ritual to learn ahead of the Autumn season.
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Report by W.Bro. Daviid Wall – The Rutland Lodge
The Rutland Lodge annual Ladies Festival Night took place on Saturday 3rd March 2018 at the Wicklow Masonic Rooms in Melton Mowbray.
   The evening approached with Siberian threat of unpredictable phases and threats. Everything crossable was crossed in the hope that the downfalls of white stuff would not spoil the evening so eagerly looked forward to by 80+ guests.
   However, with a highly successful season drawing to a close, due to the leadership of our Worshipful Master, Andrew Finn and a dedicated team at 6.30pm the full complement of guests, our high class caterer and staff were mingling happily ready for the formal evening to commence.
   From the outset with formally attired hosts, elegantly, colourful guests, the atmosphere was all one could hope for at an event linked to an historic association in existence for 300 years and our vehicle, number 1130 with one hundred and fifty-two years of service.
   Our Lady President, Julie, and Brother Consort, Andrew, brought much warmth to the reception and pre-dining activities.
   Dining proceeded happily with toasting as appropriate.
   Brother Peter Finn gave an entertaining toast to the Lady President, who responded in a very relaxed, delightful manner.
   The Ladies Song was performed unaccompanied and so clearly by W Bro. Brian Golland and supported by brethren went well. The Lady President “absolutely loved this” and this went for all.
   W.Bro. Steve Archer toasted the Visitors and Ladies sincerely and warmly.
   During coffee, the Stewards dispensed gifts to all the ladies, these were perfume atomisers which were well received by the ladies.
   The evening concluded with a local Irish Band ‘Ruff and Ready’ entertaining with singing, rhythmic hand clapping and arm movement. All with much enthusiasm and participation.
   A raffle for the Lady President's choice of charity, The Alzheimer's Society, raised the wonderful amount of £320.
   During the short interim between the end of  the formal proceedings and the entertainment W Bro Brian Golland escorted a number of visitors on a visit the Temple.
  Heartfelt thanks to all who worked so hard to give all the guests a wonderful evening.

“We all recognise your worth,
Our best friends upon this earth.” 

“Four things greater than all things are
Women and Horses and Power and War”
Ballad of the King’s Jester.


To All Brethren in the Province from the Leicestershire & Rutland Provincial Secretary - 15th March 2018
A number of Brethren have queried the continued wearing of the Tercentenary Jewel, and I thought that some guidance was required now that the Tercentenary celebrations have finished.
   In June 2016 the Grand Master designated the Tercentenary Jewel as a Permanent Jewel and it may therefore be worn by qualified Brethren of the English Constitution FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.
   The Jewel may be worn only by Master Masons and above, but any Brother who was at any time a member of a Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England in the period from 24th June 2016 until 31st December 2017 is so qualified. Entered Apprentices and / or Fellow-Crafts during the qualifying period are entitled to wear the Jewel as soon as they have been Raised.  
   The Pro Grand Master hopes that Grand Officers will continue to wear it.
   If applicable, a Royal Arch Jewel is worn on the left breast nearest the centre of the body. The Tercentenary Jewel is worn next to the left of the Royal Arch Jewel, but if a Royal Arch Jewel is not worn then the Tercentenary Jewel will be on the left breast nearest to the centre of the body. A L& R 2022 Festival Jewel can be worn to the left of the Tercentenary Jewel, and if applicable a Past Master’s Jewel is worn next to the left of the Festival Jewel ( nearest to the left arm).
   Brethren are also reminded that it is not now permissible to wear a L&R Festival Jewel of a previous Festival, i.e. 2012 or 2002 Festivals. In similar vein the Provincial Grand Master hopes that only the L & R 2022 Festival Tie is worn, and not previous Festival versions.
   The Provincial Grand Scribe E wishes for Brethren to be advised that the wearing of Craft Past Master’s Jewels is not permissible at Royal Arch meetings.
Kelvin F.J. Johnson - Provincial Grand Secretary.


The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453, now entering its 26th year, recently installed W.Bro Alan Marshall, ProvGStwd as their 22nd Master in a very enjoyable ceremony held at Wicklow Lodge on the 15th January 2018 attended by W.Bro Pravesh Ganda, Assistant Provincial Director of Ceremonies and W.Bro Bruce White, Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden. The meeting went ahead thanks to a special dispensation granted by the PGM RW.Bro. David Hagger following the unfortunate resignation of the Master Elect in December 2017. Fortunately W. Bro. Alan - already a Past Master of the Lodge - agreed to be put forwards as Master Elect at the December meeting where he was unanimously elected by the Brethren of the Lodge to become Master for the coming year. Despite the short notice W.Bro. Phillip Mann, PPGSwdB, acting as the Installing Master, performed the ceremony of Installation in a very friendly manner making everyone, including all of our guests feel most welcome.  This theme of harmony was continued when the new Master proceeded to install his Officers for the coming year in a very courteous manner. Here we can see W. Bro. Alan with (left to right) with W.Bro. Phillip Mann PPGSwdB, W.Bro Pravesh Ganda - PADC, W.Bro Bruce White - PPSGW, Bro. Martin Smith (Senior Warden, Bro. Steve Newham (Junior Warden), W. Bro. David Pratt - PPGSwdB, W. Bro. Andrew Gill and Bro. Richard Piskula (Inner Guard) after the ceremony. The Stewards under Bro. Neil Castledine once again provided a splendid Festive Board for the Brethren where W.Bro Bruce White, PPSGW, gave an excellent update on events at London Road and W.Bro Phillip Potter provided a memorable version of the Masters Song with which everyone joined in with verve for the chorus! This concluded a very enjoyable evening and we trust will mark the start of a wonderful year under the leadership of W. Bro. Alan.'

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