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On Monday 15thApril 2019 The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453 held an unusual first – an Initiation of a new Brother, Oliver Jeffcote, with a White Table to allow the widow of one of our Brethren to present a gift to the Lodge in memory of her popular husband, Bro. Douglas Peet.
  This was the first time that our Lodge has held a White Table evening and our Master, W. Bro. Martin Smith managed the event perfectly from when our meeting started at 1815 through to when the Festive Board closed at 2230.
  On arrival our non-Masonic guests were treated to a Prosecco Reception downstairs by our Senior Steward W. Bro. Richard Heathcote where they had the chance to find out more about Freemasonry from some information packs which W. Bro. Paul Rees had produced specially for the evening.
  Upstairs the Lodge was opened by the Worshipful Master who after the Minutes had been confirmed called upon W. Bro. Alan Marshall to say a few words about W. Bro. Graham Moores who had passed to the Grand Lodge Above since our last meeting.
  Following a pause for reflection the Worshipful Master proceeded to Initiate our Candidate, Mr Oliver Jeffcote into the mysteries and privileges of ancient Freemasonry
  After the Obligation, Bro. Steve Newham presented the Three Lesser Lights in Freemasonry whilst W. Bro. David Wall presented the Signs and Secrets. The Address in the North East Corner was given by Bro. Richard Piskula and the Working Tools by W. Bro. Paul Rees.
  Once the Candidate had restored himself to his comfort the Charge was presented in a most excellent address by Bro. Neil Castledine.
  After our newly made Brother had taken his seat in the North East the Worshipful Master Called Off the Lodge to allow our guests to enter the Temple. Once seated Bro. de Barry Blanchard from The Rutland Lodge No. 1130 gave a short address whilst our Deacons, Bro Richard Piskula and Bro. Raymond MacPhee presented the new gavels to the Brethren and our guests followed by a few words from Bro. Douglas Peet’s widow Elizabeth. We were pleased that the craftsman who had made the gavels along with a beautiful carved storage box could join us for the presentation.
  Once the presentation was completed, the Worshipful Master Called On the Lodge where a positive ballot was held for a new Candidate for the Lodge, Darryl Cunnington, who we hope to welcome into our Lodge next year.
  At the Risings another Candidate was proposed who will now be Balloted for in September.
  With the work in the Temple being completed the Brethren rejoined their Guests and went on to enjoy an excellent Festive Board where we were well served by our Stewards. W. Bro. Andrew Gill gave a moving address to the Initiate based around the Chain but relating it to the Past represented by Bro. Douglas Peet, the Present represented by the Worshipful Master and the Future represented by the Initiate. Finally, on behalf of the Visitors, Elizabeth Peet gave a lovely talk about her husband which allowed many of those present to reflect on the life Douglas Peet had lived and the benefits of Freemasonry for all of those present and recall one of Douglas’ favourite passages from Henry V ‘We few, we happy few, we band of brothers’.
  The Worshipful Master then brought proceedings to a close leaving memories of a unique evening which all who were present will remember fondly for many years to come. Now we all have the summer recess to relax and recharge our batteries for the next Masonic season.

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Initiation of Edward Hrynewiecki
On Monday 18thFebruary 2019 The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453 held its first meeting of the New Year with our newly installed Master, W. Bro. Martin Smith in the Chair.
  It was also our first meeting since our last Committee Meeting where we were looking at how best to implement the Membership Pathway and help encourage younger members of the Lodge.
  One of the many recommendations of this meeting was the new start time of 1815, pushed back by 30 minutes, to allow younger Brethren to finish work and still have time to attend Lodge. This ensured that we were able to invest the three Stewards who had not been able to attend the Installation meeting so would have a full complement for the Festive Board!
  We were also delighted that this first meeting was so well attended to welcome our new initiate, Mr Edward Hrynewiecki, to the mysteries and privileges of ancient Freemasonry and was honoured by the presence of W. Bro. John Torley PGSteward from the Grand Lodge of Ireland who was attending as a guest of our Junior Deacon Bro. Ray MacPhee.
  The ceremony was also the first in post for many of the Brethren appointed at the December Installation meeting and it was great to see the enthusiasm and professionalism with which they conducted the Ceremony.
  In particular we should mention an excellent explanation of the Three Lesser Lights in Freemasonry by Bro. Steve Newham, the Address in the North East Corner by Bro. Richard Piscula, the Working Tools by Bro. Richard Senior and finally the Charge by Bro. Neil Castledine.
  The confidence displayed by these younger Brethren, now coming up the ladder towards the Chair of King Soloman, gives our Lodge an excellent platform from which to build and develop in the coming years.
  Once the Initiation Ceremony was completed, W. Bro. Keith Harkness PAGDC conducted his first ever Triple Presentation of Grand Lodge Certificates to Bros. Richard Senior, Daniel Newham and Mark Yeoman.
  The Ceremony concluded with the proposal of a new Candidate for the Lodge, Darryl Cunnington,who will now be balloted for at our next meeting in April.
  With the work in the Temple being completed the Brethren went on to enjoy an excellent Festive Board where we were well served by our Stewards. In the absence of anyone else, a new star was born when W. Bro. Andrew Gill then ‘sang’ the Entered Apprentice Song with W. Bro. David Pratt presenting the Masonic Chain to our newly made Bro. Hrynewiecki who expressed his thanks to all present for a very memorable evening - which was brought to a final close by the Tylers Toast from W. Bro. David Wall just after 2200!
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On the evening of 26th February a most enjoyable Burns Night Celebration was held by St. Mary's Lodge (7164), organised by the current Master, Bro Michael Brooman and his wife Samantha with assistance from their friends and family. The evening was attended by 65, members of Wicklow Lodges, friends and family.
  The Charity of the evening was ProstAid for which over £600 was raised by the raffle and a game of 'Neeps and Tatties' great fun was had by all!
  A most enjoyable meal, featuring, of course, a haggis, which was duly piped around the dining room, and then eloquently addressed by Bro Martin Fairbairn. For Whisky connoisseurs there were a number of varieties doing the rounds, most of evening, for tasting.
  After the meal poems were read by Bro William Hutchison, Bro David Wall and others.
  Bro David Brooman gave a speech of behalf of the gentlemen present and his wife Samantha responded for the Ladies.
  Also following the meal thanks were given to the kitchen staff, waitresses and bar staff. Each was presented with flowers, a candle and some shortbread.
  One of the Lodge members, Bro Paul Wright, was celebrating his birthday and much to his surprise was presented with a birthday cake to much applause.
  Finally the Master gave a short speech and thanked all those who had helped with the organisation of the evening. Bro Raymond de Barry Blanchard responded on behalf of all the guests.
  As mementoes of the evening each couple was invited take home a docorative candle and some shortbread, and also a Whisky glass and a small bottle with a tot of Whisky.
  A most enjoyable evening which left everyone saying, 'Roll on next year!'
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The Installation of The Framland Hundred Lodge - 9453 (27th Master) took place on Monday the 17th.
  The meeting saw a great attendance from around the Province of Leicestershire and Rutland at the Wicklow Lodge in Melton Mowbray for the final meeting before the Christmas recess which was to install Bro. Martin Smith as 27thMaster of The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453.
  The ceremony was honoured by the presence of the newly appointed Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden, W. Bro. Paul A Beachell accompanied by the Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, W. Bro. John T S Edmond.
  The evening’s ceremony was conducted in an exemplary manner by the Director of Ceremonies team of W. Bro. David Pratt PPGSwdB and his ADC W. Bro. Andrew Gill who ensured that all of the work in the Temple went smoothly for the Installing Master, W. Bro. Alan Marshall PPSGD.
  The evening Ceremony provided W. Bro. Smith with a fantastic Installation into the Chair of his Lodge after which he proceeded to appoint and invest all of his new Officers for the coming year before presenting a Past Masters Jewel to W. Bro. Alan Marshall PPSGD and thanking him for his work during his Mastership. We particularly wish all of those who are taking up new roles within the Lodge the very best for their success.
  The evening also saw a successful ballot for a new Member, Mr Oliver Jeffcote, which signals the continued strength of our Lodge – and ensures a good range of ceremonies in 2019 for the new Master and his team. Sadly we also had a resignation from one of the Brethren, W. Bro. Grahame Joneswho was no longer able to attend the Lodge on a regular basis – we wish him well for his future.
At the subsequent Festive Board all of the Brethren enjoyed an excellent meal thanks to the Stewards of the Lodge.
  Then with the evenings labours being ended all of those present went off to enjoy the Christmas recess with friends and family - and new ritual to learn ahead of the 2019 season.
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The summer months are now behind us marking the start of a new Masonic season here in Melton Mowbray. However, as you can see from our GALLERY, people have been very busy installing a new kitchen at Wicklow Lodge and The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453 became the first to benefit from all of this hard work at our  113th meeting which was held on Monday September 17th 2018. 
   Despite the unlucky auspices of number 113, something which initially seemed to be confirmed by the absence of a number of Officers for the meeting, the ceremony went well and saw Bro. Mark Yeoman Raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason by W. Bro. Alan Marshall ProvGStwd.
   By necessity the evening saw a number of Brethren filling in for absent members and it was wonderful to see how well some of the more junior Brethren filled their posts for the ceremony. Particular mention must go to Bro. Richard Piskula, who not only delivered the Charge but also acted as Junior Deacon and to Bro. Ray MacPhee who ably filled in as Assistant Director of Ceremonies for the evening despite short notice. It is very encouraging to see the enthusiasm of our younger Brethren to take on work within the Lodge which should secure a strong future for our Lodge.
   The harmony of the evening continued out of the Temple at the Festive Board which saw the new Kitchen at the Centre used for the first time. The quality of the food suggests that it has been a good investment and was largely made possible thanks to a generous bequest from a former Member of our Mother Lodge - The Rutland Lodge No.1130. After the meal W. Bro. Alan Marshall ProvGStwd, Master of The Framland Hundred Lodge No. 9453 was pleased to present our fantastic catering team with flowers and thanks for all of their hard work in preparing an excellent meal in the new kitchen.
Bro Andrew Gill - Assistant Director of Ceremonies
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To All Brethren in the Province from the Leicestershire & Rutland Provincial Secretary - 15th March 2018
A number of Brethren have queried the continued wearing of the Tercentenary Jewel, and I thought that some guidance was required now that the Tercentenary celebrations have finished.
   In June 2016 the Grand Master designated the Tercentenary Jewel as a Permanent Jewel and it may therefore be worn by qualified Brethren of the English Constitution FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.
   The Jewel may be worn only by Master Masons and above, but any Brother who was at any time a member of a Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England in the period from 24th June 2016 until 31st December 2017 is so qualified. Entered Apprentices and / or Fellow-Crafts during the qualifying period are entitled to wear the Jewel as soon as they have been Raised.  
   The Pro Grand Master hopes that Grand Officers will continue to wear it.
   If applicable, a Royal Arch Jewel is worn on the left breast nearest the centre of the body. The Tercentenary Jewel is worn next to the left of the Royal Arch Jewel, but if a Royal Arch Jewel is not worn then the Tercentenary Jewel will be on the left breast nearest to the centre of the body. A L& R 2022 Festival Jewel can be worn to the left of the Tercentenary Jewel, and if applicable a Past Master’s Jewel is worn next to the left of the Festival Jewel ( nearest to the left arm).
   Brethren are also reminded that it is not now permissible to wear a L&R Festival Jewel of a previous Festival, i.e. 2012 or 2002 Festivals. In similar vein the Provincial Grand Master hopes that only the L & R 2022 Festival Tie is worn, and not previous Festival versions.
   The Provincial Grand Scribe E wishes for Brethren to be advised that the wearing of Craft Past Master’s Jewels is not permissible at Royal Arch meetings.
Kelvin F.J. Johnson - Provincial Grand Secretary.

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